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    Connecticut Medical <span>Malpractice Lawyer</span>

    Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawyer

    We're here to advocate for your rights.

    While most healthcare providers can be trusted to treat their patients with care and consideration, some act in reckless or careless ways that put patients at risk of avoidable harm. When a medical professional fails to meet the standard of care applicable to similar healthcare providers, they might bear financial liability for that misconduct if a patient files a claim with an experienced attorney.

    Forms of malpractice include:

    Many rules and restrictions apply to claims against healthcare practitioners in the medical malpractice context. With a Connecticut medical malpractice lawyer on your side, you may be able to prove that an irresponsible doctor, nurse, or technician is liable for your injuries and losses.

    Proving a Breach of the <span>Standard of Care in Connecticut</span>

    Proving a Breach of the Standard of Care in Connecticut

    Because medical malpractice claims involve complex medical concepts and practices, it is unreasonable to expect the average jury member or civil court judge to fully understand how a healthcare provider’s negligence caused a patient to sustain harm. Accordingly, Connecticut General Statutes §52-184c requires prospective malpractice plaintiffs to make a “reasonable inquiry” into the validity of their claim before filing.

    In practice, this means prospective plaintiffs must make a good-faith effort to identify the specific standard of care that their healthcare provider was expected to fulfill under the circumstances, establish how the defendant violated that standard, and prove a causal relationship between the defendant’s actions and the plaintiff’s injuries.

    By law, a plaintiff must include written and signed testimony from at least one qualified medical expert—meaning someone with expertise and knowledge in the same field(s) as the defendant—affirming that they have grounds to proceed with a claim.

    As per C.G.S. §52-190a, prospective plaintiffs must file the documentation alongside their initial complaint or, in certain exceptional situations, no later than 90 days afterward. This process can be overwhelming to pursue alone. However, an experienced lawyer in Connecticut can provide crucial assistance in finding a medical expert to help with a malpractice claim and fulfilling all prerequisite conditions for filing in a timely fashion.

    Practice Areas

    Anesthesia Errors

    Applying anesthetics is an essential part of many medical procedures, whether it is provided for just one area of the body or renders a patient completely unconscious through general anesthesia.

    Birth Injury

    Medical professionals who assist with childbirth typically perform their jobs with the diligence and care that their patients’ lives deserve.

    Delayed Diagnosis

    Each second counts when treating serious illnesses and injuries, especially when failing to respond quickly can lead to a patient suffering exponentially greater long-term harm.

    Emergency Room Error

    While a visit to the emergency room at your local hospital is never an enjoyable experience, you should still trust the doctors and nurses who care.

    Failure To Diagnose

    In addition to providing careful and comprehensive treatment for all patients in need, healthcare practitioners also have a responsibility to correctly identify the assistance a patient needs before providing treatment.

    Medication Error

    A medication error by a physician or pharmacist has the potential to cause extensive harm. Unfortunately, these mistakes can also lead to complex malpractice cases.


    Given the years of education and on-the-job training healthcare professionals must complete before practicing independently…

    Surgical Error

    Whenever someone goes under the knife at a hospital or specialized treatment facility, they depend on the various surgeons, assistants, and technicians participating in the procedure.


    Filing suit over negligence in a medical setting is a complex process, especially considering the numerous rules and regulations that apply to this category of litigation.

    Seek Help from a  <span>Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorney</span>

    Seek Help from a Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorney

    Medical negligence litigation can be more complex than other forms of personal injury claims in many ways. Without guidance and support from a legal professional who has successfully handled cases like yours in the past, you may have little chance of navigating the numerous legal roadblocks that may keep you from the recovery you deserve.

    A dedicated Connecticut medical malpractice lawyer can clarify your options and your best next steps to take during a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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