Connecticut Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

Applying anesthetics is an essential part of many medical procedures, whether it is provided for just one area of the body or renders a patient completely unconscious through general anesthesia. However, administering anesthesia is a sensitive and complex process, and even a small mistake or omission can have devastating repercussions for the patient.

If you sustained serious trauma due to an error by an anesthesiologist or other medical specialist, a Connecticut anesthesia errors lawyer can help. Cases of this nature tend to be incredibly complicated, but having a medical malpractice attorney familiar with the regulations and legal processes may help you achieve a positive case result.

The Standard of Care for Anesthesiologists

Those who work in the medical field have a standard of care they must meet based on their specific job duties, level of experience and training, and the circumstances under which they are working. Anesthesiologists have a particularly high standard to meet, as administering general, regional, or even local anesthesia requires a thorough review of a patient’s medical history and a precise measurement of the correct dosage to give them.

Minor symptoms like nausea, trouble concentrating, and postoperative pain are common after anesthesia subsides, but potentially life-threatening conditions may stem from seemingly minor errors. For instance, a patient who receives too little anesthesia may be unable to move but still remain conscious and able to feel pain during an operation. At the same time, too much anesthesia—or dangerous interactions with other medications or preexisting health conditions—may lead to respiratory problems, brain damage from lack of oxygen, strokes, or heart attacks.

Negligence can lead to serious injury and potentially give rise to a civil claim based on an anesthesia error, including:

  • Providing the wrong dosage of anesthesia;
  • Failure to monitor a patient’s oxygen levels during surgery;
  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose conditions that may interfere with safe anesthesia;
  • Not instructing the patient about proper pre-operation procedures;
  • Making mistakes during intubation of someone put under general anesthesia.

A dedicated attorney can review a Connecticut patient’s circumstances and help determine what their options for financial recovery may be in their anesthesia error claim.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Fortunately, Connecticut law does not impose any caps on recovery for economic or non-economic losses caused by medical negligence. Therefore, through a successful claim, a person injured by an anesthesia error may demand compensation for the total value of all their ensuing damages, including additional medical expenses, lost work income, physical pain, emotional and psychological trauma, and lost enjoyment of life.

However, there are still other specific rules for claims that do not apply to other forms of personal injury litigation. Under Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a, prospective plaintiffs must solicit a sworn statement from a medical expert confirming that their case has merit and submit that statement alongside their initial complaint. During an initial private meeting, an experienced lawyer can explain each legal prerequisite and restriction in Connecticut that might impact the anesthesia error case, along with the patient’s pursuit of restitution.

Speak with a Connecticut Anesthesia Errors Attorney About Your Legal Options

Because of the importance of their role and the technical expertise it requires, anesthesiologists are among the most prized and highly paid staff members at many medical facilities. Unfortunately, when these specialists act recklessly or carelessly while on the job, they can cause long-term and sometimes irreversible harm to patients in their care.

Working with an experienced Connecticut anesthesia errors lawyer may be crucial to preserving your right to civil recovery. Schedule your consultation as soon as possible to speak with a caring advocate. Our team is standing by.

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